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The List Club (TLC) was born out of a passion for travelling and the desire to create an inclusive experience for travellers looking to create amazing memories. After visiting 84 countries as an international art dealer and photographer, our founder loves sharing her advice, tips, and secrets for enjoying a wonderful trip every time.


We don’t want to just be another vacation or trip planning app; we want to be the one app you don’t want to travel without.

At TLC, we also know that building memories is more than just where you go, but with whom you go. That’s why we want to focus on the social and traveller community of travel. Whether you’re organizing a trip with a large group, need to share vacation plans with your assistant or stylist, or just want to join a meet-up while you’re out of town, TLC will give you the flexibility and organization to make it happen.


To bring our users the best organized travel experience through our innovative products and services.

We are very excited to bring The List Club to life. We’re more than just a travel planner. The TLC app and website will help you plan and organize your trip, your outings, and even your suitcase. Treat yourself to a better way to travel.


To create a user experience that enables them to travel, connect and see the world differently.




Canadian-born and New York /Miami - made, Amanda Morie is an international photographer and artist that is inspired by the luxury of life and travel.


Totaling to 84 countries and all 7 continents Amanda's travels has taught her a lot of patience, fresh perspective and new ways of life from the people she has met abroad. Amanda studied at the University of Alberta in Canada and holds a BFA/ EDu degree, Event Planning and Interior Design from New York University (NYU).

She has been named "Top 100 Women in Business" by Chanel, nominated for “Top 40 under 40” by Entrepreneur Herald, shown in galleries across the world, been on multiple TV shows/ publications and her work as an artist and photographer has been awarded and nominated.

Blending her love for travel, organization and connecting with people around the world, it was really important for Amanda to create a place where people could feel safe and rely on a platform to help them with all their travel needs. Using her experience and know how from travelling the world and love for technology Amanda is thrilled to help you explore the world with The List Club.

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After being in the software industry for almost a decade, Ben has developed a love for technology. Wanting to find a way to bring together his two passions for software and travel, Ben is extremely excited to bring The List Club to life and foster a  new community and help people explore more of what our amazing world has to offer.

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